Texas Prisons Train Inmates for High-Tech Jobs
In just one more sign that today's prisons are not your grandfather's prisons where inmates only made license plates, Texas prisons have been turned into factories where inmates get training for all kinds of jobs on the outside, including high-tech IT jobs.
A New Name for Houston Baptist University?
Half a century after it was founded by the Baptist General Convention of Texas as "a Christian college of the highest order," Houston Baptist University may soon erase the religious designation in its name.
Student Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion
Did you know that America's total student loan debt now surpasses the nation's total credit card debt?  It's true.  Sometime last year, credit card debt actually declined a little, as more and more people stopped using credit cards.  But student loan debt keeps going up…
Brit Schools Ban Kids Having Best Friends
It's true.  Some schools in Great Britain have adopted rules against children having a "best friend."   The school officials say the goal is to keep children from getting upset if and when their best friend fails or drops out of school.
Pupils are instead taught …
Colleges Feel Pinch of Free Tuition for Vets
Did you know that Texas allows military veterans to go to college tuition free?  It's true.  It's the law. So many people are taking advantage of this law to attend college that it's putting colleges and universities in a serious financial bind.
School Officials: High Stakes Tests Failing Students
A backlash is growing in Texas education circles against the emphasis on standardized testing that's required under the federal No Child Left Behind Law.   The rebellion started with parents and teachers, and now it has spread to principals and school district administrators in a number of…
School Kids Learn Teacher is a Porn Star
No place but California.  A middle school teacher in a town north of Los Angeles has been placed on indefinite paid leave, after some of her students surfing the Internet on their i-Phones discovered what she does in her spare time.

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