College Kids Can Save $$$ on Textbooks
The cost of going to college goes higher every year -- especially the costs of textbooks.  Fresh-faced high school grads enrolling in college and signing up for classes often go into "sticker shock" when they go to the campus bookstore to buy the textbooks they need.
There was a time -- in …
Teachers Need School Supplies Too
Everybody knows kids need school supplies, but we don't usually think about their teachers and their needs.  They need supplies too, but the school district isn't always able to provide everything they need. Well take heart, because their friends and neighbors at Angelina Beautiful/Cl…
First Tee Golf Program Comes to Diboll ISD
The Diboll Free Press reports that Diboll ISD's Temple Elementary School has been chose to participate in The First Tee National School Program, which promotes character development and life-enhancing values while teaching kids to play golf.
Federal Budget Cuts May Kill LISD Pre-K
The Lufkin News reports Lufkin School District officials are worrying out loud about the federal funding the district stands to lose when the Federal Budget Control Act goes into effect in January.

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