Angelina Sales Tax Rebates Continue Upward
Everyone knows state sales tax revenues are a reliable barometer of a city or county's economic health.  Those revenues rise and fall with the economy, and the good news today is that the revenues are up again, and so are the local shares of those collections.
A bunch of that money is comin…
Rising Property Values Raise Property Taxes
We have good news and -- maybe some bad news -- for some Angelina County home and land owners.  The good news is that the Angelina County Appraisal District says property values are finally going up - instead of down.  The bad news is that rising property values also mean higher property t…
Dallas NAACP Wants Texas Lottery Shut Down
The Dallas chapter of the NAACP is calling on the state to abolish the Texas Lottery. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports the nation's oldest civil rights group wants low income Texans to stop pumping money into the state lottery.
Census Shows More Dads Stay-at-Home
It wasn't very long ago that a man who chose to stay home with the kids while his wife worked was considered an oddball. We've all heard the Mr. Mom jokes, but these days a growing number of American dads are wearing that nickname as a badge of honor.
Colleges Finally Teaching Financial Literacy
It's about time.  Colleges and universities are waking up to the fact that student loans have become a national crisis.  So many students and graduates are buried under student loans they can't repay, classroom and online courses in financial literacy are now part of the curricul…
Houston Leads Nation in Settling Refugees
Lost in Houston's famous urban sprawl, its insane traffic and stifling heat, is the fact that more refugees come to Houston than any other city in the United States.  We're talking about people who have fled their home countries for one reason or another, and have been accepted by our…
The Price of Renting a Home Is Going Up, Up, Up
People skittish about the state of the real estate market or whose credit was left in tatters after the economy tanked are increasingly foregoing buying a home in favor of renting.
So it’s probably not surprising that rent across the US is rising accordingly, about six percent in the …
Diboll Launches Marketing Campaign
The Diboll City Council has decided it's time to do more to promote their small town as a great place to live and work. It has created a committee that will advise the council on the best ways of marketing Diboll, to attract new businesses and new people, especially young families and retirees…

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