Today is Gift Card Exchange Day
Gift cards are more popular than ever it seems. They were an easy gift this year for many of us, and quite a few of us received them too.
The research firm CEB TowerGroups says around $110 billion worth of gift cards were sold this year in the United States, up ten percent over 2011.
But if you receiv…
Christmas Spending is at an All-Time High
The amount we fork over for Christmas gifts has gone up every year since 2008.
The iPads, flat screen TVs, and video game must-haves ain’t cheap! When you add up the hot electronics, the ugly sweaters, and the popcorn tin gift sets, we’re spending just shy of a thousan…
Buying Underwear Fuels the Economy
Have you heard the crazy notion that men’s underwear sales are an economic indicator?
When men’s underwear sales are up, the economy is doing well. When people are not buying guys’ tighty whities, the economy is in the tank.
Do you think it&CloseCurlyQuo…
Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 11-Year Low — Dollars and Sense
These days more credit card customers are paying their bills on time than they have over the course of the last decade.
A report released earlier today by the American Bankers Association indicates that delinquencies on credit cards are currently at an 11-year low, with only 2.93 percent of credit ac…

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