Obama Wants to Let Debt Collectors Call Your Cellphone
Here's more bad news for people who still owe student loans or back taxes, and who now rely exclusively on their cellphones. President Barack Obama wants to make it easier for private debt collectors to call your cellphone and badger you into paying up.
Climatologist Says Drought Could Last Until 2020
Oh joy.  Another decade of this?  That's what weather experts are saying.  The state climatologist for Texas says the record drought of 2011 could be just the beginning of a long dry spell that could last until 2020 or beyond.
Gas Prices Drop as Consumer Demand Falls
Thanks to a steep drop in crude-oil prices, gas costs have fallen below $3 a gallon in parts of Michigan, Missouri and Texas, and are expected to decline in many other states as well.
Call it an unexpected bright spot in the global economic crisis. Now that drivers have cut back on trips, shippers ar…
East Texas Forest Economy Takes Huge Hit from Wildfires
We've known for some time that this year's wildfire season has been the worst in the state's history, but now we know what that means in dollars and cents for the east Texas timber industry.
The Texas Forest Service reports over the last 10 months, east Texas wildfires have wiped out …

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