Drought Killing Texas Trees and Hurting State’s Economy
How do dying trees affect the state's economy you ask?  Well, stop and think about all the things and stuff that's made from forest products.
From lumber and building materials to paper products, to thousands of jobs,the forest products industry is a major driver of the Texas economy.&…
Where Did I Put Those Rabbit-ears?
Dust off all the cliches. There's nothing new under the sun.  All things old are new again.  Remember that funny looking rabbit ear antenna that used to sit on top of  your old TV set?  Don't laugh, but rabbit ears are making a comeback.
Bank of America Will Not Charge Monthly Fee for Debit Card Usage
In September, Bank of America announced it would soon begin charging customers a $5 monthly fee for using their debit cards, saying it was recouping losses from new laws that limited how much it could charge merchants when debit cards were swiped during transactions.
But after a firestorm of negative…
Study Recommends Abandoning West Galveston island
A study by scientists at Rice University says Galveston officials should seriously consider abandoning the west end of the island -- and retreating to the area behind the seawall to avoid being swamped by rising seas.

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