Canada Has Eliminated the Penny
Even stacked together in a jar, all those pennies you have are fairly worthless. However, they may soon become collectors’ items.
Canada, our neighbor to the North, has just eliminated the penny in their latest federal budget, following the example of nations like Australia and New Zealand. The Canad…
Student Loan Debt Tops $1 Trillion
Did you know that America's total student loan debt now surpasses the nation's total credit card debt?  It's true.  Sometime last year, credit card debt actually declined a little, as more and more people stopped using credit cards.  But student loan debt keeps going up…
Record Numbers of Churches are Foreclosed
Banks are foreclosing on America's churches in record numbers -- as lenders lose patience with religious groups who defaulted on their mortgages.  The surge in church foreclosures shows many banks are no longer willing to show forbearance with struggling churches.
Rage Grows Over Fed Mortgage Bailout Deal
The more we learn about the massive $26 billion foreclosure settlement between the five biggest mortgage lenders and the states' attorneys general, growing numbers of borrowers are realizing that the deal will do little, if anything, to help them out.
‘Homeless Hotspots’ Ignite Heated Debate
The annual SXSW interactive conference in Austin is sometimes plagued with snail-slow internet speeds (when you can connect at all). But this year it’s been a little easier to find a wifi hotspot: just look for a homeless person. Yes, homeless people are now being used as wifi spots.

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