Texas Medical Center Skyscraper Imploded
For six decades, the building with the outline of the Rock of Gibraltar at the top was one of Houston's most familiar landmarks.  But Sunday morning, it took only 17 seconds for the first skyscraper built outside downtown Houston to turn into a pile of dust and rubble.
The former regional headquart…
Colorado Student’s Racy Photo Not Allowed in Yearbook
Warning:  This story is rated "R" for Racy.
A Colorado teenager whose yearbook picture was rejected for being too revealing is vowing to fight the ban with her high school’s administration, but the student editors of the yearbook insist the school administrati…
Study: Kids Provoke and Video Many Teacher Tantrums
It's called cyber-baiting, and it's a growing phenomenon in today's electronic and connected world.  It happens when students deliberately provoke a teacher to the breaking point.
When the teacher finally "loses it", they video his or her emotional or angry outburst on their cellphones and …
LA Gay Nativity Scene Vandalized
An unusual nativity display at a suburban Los Angeles church that included artistic silhouettes of gay couples was vandalized over the weekend in an incident authorities are investigating as a hate crime.

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