Con Men Move in on Moving Business
Is there no end to the ways crooks can find to steal from you?  The newest "con" making the rounds is in the moving business. The Texas Department of Public Safety recently broke up a ring of "fake movers" who were posing as household furniture movers to scam…
Texas Not in Top 10 of Most Religious States
If you think Texas is more religious than most of the country, a new poll says you're wrong. That poll indicates the rest of the Bible-belt, including Mormon-heavy Utah out west, is ahead of the Lone Star State on a list of the country’s most religious states.
Texas isn't …
Should Fishing be a Varsity Sport?
We all know that high school kids can "letter" in football, baseball, basketball, volleyball and even La Crosse.  Now comes a story about efforts make fishing a "letter" sport.  Really? Really.
Honeymoon Registries Are the New Trend at Weddings
These days, it’s almost unusual for a couple not to be living together before getting married, meaning when they do tie the knot they often already have items such as food processors and linen sets — which have long been staples of the traditional wedding registry.
So more and more couples are eschew…
School Kids Learn Teacher is a Porn Star
No place but California.  A middle school teacher in a town north of Los Angeles has been placed on indefinite paid leave, after some of her students surfing the Internet on their i-Phones discovered what she does in her spare time.

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