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Verizon Will Charge YOU a Fee for Paying THEM
Most companies are happy if their customers pay their bills on time, by whatever means, but not Verizon.  Verizon is taking "accounts receivable" to the next level.
Starting January 15th, 2012, Verizon will start charging its customers a $2 dollar fee for paying their bills Onl…
What Were 2011′s Stupidest Consumer Fees?
As consumers, we’re all used to being nickel-and-dimed to death with fees — from charges for checking a bag when we fly to charges to pay a bill online, we see them every day. They may be small, but they add up. And some were even more egregious than others in 2011.
Gasoline Prices Down for Holiday Travelers
Texas motorists are getting a small break in gasoline prices heading into Christmas and New Year's. Triple A Texas says gasoline prices are down an average of four cents across the state, and even more in some areas.
So it's not costing quite as much to travel over the river and through the…

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