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Final Cost of BP Oil Spill: $7.8 Billion Dollars
British Petroleum and a small army of plaintiffs’ attorneys have presented a New Orleans federal judge with the formal terms of a proposed class-action settlement designed to resolve billions of dollars in economic damage claims spawned by the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Lufkin Best Buy Store Will NOT be Closed
Best Buy has released the list of its under-performing stores that will be closed in the coming weeks, and you'll be glad to know the Lufkin store is NOT on the list.  In fact, only two Texas stores are on the list -- one in Austin, the other in San Antonio.
Diboll City Council Approves 4-Day Work Week
The 4-day work week appears to be the coming thing.  The Diboll City Council has voted join other municipalities around the country and "test drive" the 4-day work week for five months.
They want to see if it's the money saver and efficiency improver its proponents say it …
Is it a Good Time to Refinance Your House?
With mortgage interest rates at historic lows, millions of Americans are deciding to refinance their houses and get lower rates.  So the answer to the question in that headline is YES.  There has never been a better time to take a walk down ReFi Street.
Harris County Nation’s Fastest Growing County
Led by Harris County, the population of the 10 county Greater Houston Metropolitan area went over 6 million people last summer, making it the nation's fifth-largest metro area.  The US Census Bureau says Harris County added more people than any other county in the nation between April 1…

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