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Woman Will ‘Snuggle’ With You for Cash
When it comes to a career, the best option is always to do what you love. Jackie Samuel loves snuggling. So the 29-year-old from the Rochester, New York-area has started a business called The Snuggery in which clients pay her $60 an hour for a relaxing session of cuddling.
Hotel May be Nice, but Don’t Touch Anything
You expect hotels and the nicer "brand name" roadside motels to be clean and healthy places to stay, but don't bet on it. Researchers at the University of Houston School of Hotel and Restaurant Management say hotel rooms are nowhere as clean as they look, and they can even mak…
The Price of Renting a Home Is Going Up, Up, Up
People skittish about the state of the real estate market or whose credit was left in tatters after the economy tanked are increasingly foregoing buying a home in favor of renting.
So it’s probably not surprising that rent across the US is rising accordingly, about six percent in the …
Diboll Launches Marketing Campaign
The Diboll City Council has decided it's time to do more to promote their small town as a great place to live and work. It has created a committee that will advise the council on the best ways of marketing Diboll, to attract new businesses and new people, especially young families and retirees…

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