You're driving down a busy street when you see someone in an orange vest give you the sign to slow down and then makes you pull off the road into a parking area.  Then, a federal worker comes to your window and asks for a breath test, saliva sample, and blood sample!! 

Does this sound like the America you know?  How about the Texas that you know?

According to a report from an NBC affiliate in the DFW metroplex, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration contracted with local law enforcement officials to set up a roadblock.  Those persons that were randomly stopped were then directed into a parking area.  Once there, they were asked to take part in a voluntary federal study which would require a breath, saliva, and/or blood sample.  Those that agreed would be compensated.

Even with those caveats in place, many motorists did not take kindly to the intrusion.

How would you feel is you were one of the motorists that got pulled over for this?