The most decorated pitcher in Major League Baseball history goes on trial today in Washington, and the outcome could make him one of the most disgraced players in baseball history.

Seven-time Cy Young award winner Roger Clemens is accused of lying to a Congressional committee when he denied taking steroids and human growth hormone to enhance his pitching abilities.

Following the release of the infamous Mitchell Report in 2007 — which named 89 alleged steroid users and sparked a two-year investigation of steroid use in the majors — Clemens denied he ever used performance enhancing drugs.

Now prosecutors are trying to prove Clemens lied when he denied it under oath before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform in 2008.

Clemens' former trainer, Brian McNamee, is expected to testify that he personally administered steroids and Human Growth Hormone to Clemens.

Clemens’ former Yankee teammate Andy Pettite is expected to be a witness again.  Pettite's earlier testimony about an alleged conversation with MacNamee about Clemens’ HGH put his close friend on the hot seat.  Clemens insists that Pettite “misheard” and “mis-remembers” what was said in that conversation.

via Roger Clemens perjury trial set to begin - The Early Lead - The Washington Post.

Clemens could go to jail for a long time if found guilty of any of the six perjury charges against him.