The State Comptroller's Office reports local shares of the state sales tax went up for most areas of the state in January, for the 11th straight month. That includes Angelina County, but not for everybody.

The Comptroller's report shows Angelina County's overall share was up just slightly, 1.7% from the same month a year ago.  However, that small increase appears to be a statistical fluke caused by an unusually big increase in Hudson's retail sales that skewed the average for the entire county.

Hudson City administrator James Freeman attributes much of the nearly 85 percent increase to a business that temporarily relocated to Hudson.

Huntington is the only other Angelina County town where the local sales tax share went up, with a 5.7% increase.  Every other municipality's share went down.

Lufkin's share was down just over one percent.  About two thirds of all Lufkin tax revenue comes from this share of the state sales tax.

Sales tax revenues are a direct reflection on the pace of retail sales and a dependable barometer for measuring the strength of the local economy. Hundreds of cities and counties get a one percent share that goes directly into their local tax revenue general funds.

via Lufkin’s sales tax revenue takes dip - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

State sales tax revenue for February and March payments made to local governments represent sales that occurred in January.