Because the state is facing a $15 Billion dolllar tax revenue shortfall, it's  going to cost more to go to college in Texas. State supported colleges and universities are cutting costs and raising tuition, and that includes Angelina College in Lufkin.

The AC Board of Regents has voted to increase in-district tuition 20 percent for the fall term;  from $40 per semester hour to $48 dollars per semester hour.

Out-of-district tuition will increase from $62 to $74 and out-of-state tuition will increase from $89 to $105.  Certain fees, including costs passed along to the college, will also increase slightly.

Due to general cuts in state funding and potential cuts that will be made in the current legislative session, AC President Larry Phillips says the college does not see any other way to balance the budget as of now.

Phillips said with the increase, the college would gain an additional $1.1 million in revenue.   “The minimal rate increase is what we need to sustain ourselves through next year, depending on what the legislature does,” Phillips said.

via Angelina College raising tuition by $8 per semester hour in fall - The Lufkin Daily News: Local & State.

Even with these increases, cost-conscious parents worried about their childrens' college education should remember that a community college is still a major bargain compared to the cost of a four-year college.