Police in Sarasota, Florida say four players and some coaches are in serious trouble for attacking and assaulting a referee during a youth football game last Saturday.  The fight started a brawl that involved more than a dozen players and coaches.

It happened during a game between the age 13-14 junior teams of the Sarasota Gators and North Port Huskies played at Riverview High School in Sarasota.

The trouble started with a disputed call that led to angry coaches throwing water bottles at the referees.  It escalated into a brawl in which more than a dozen players and coaches attacked a referee and knocked him to the ground, beating him and kicking him.  The referee suffered a dislocated shoulder.

Using amateur shot by one of the parents, police have filed assault charges against three coaches and one player.

via Fight breaks out at youth football game after player tackles referee | HeraldTribune.com.

This incident certainly generated serious consequences for the guilty parties. Arrests have been made, charges have been filed, the team has been suspended by the youth league, and it will probably disband because many parents are pulling their kids out.

It's bad enough when players lose their temper and get into fights on the field, but attacking a referee is going entirely too far.  It's beyond the pale, and it's even worse when coaches join in.

They deserve all the punishment they will get.