The Air Force has removed the commander of a Lackland AFB basic training squadron in which training instructors have been accused of sexual contact with recruits.


The Houston Chronicle reports that Lt. Col. Mike Paquette is no longer commander of the 331st Training Squadron at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland.  An Air Force JAG lawyer says Paquette was relieved of duty because his superiors have lost confidence in his ability to lead his squadron.

This is the latest development in a growing scandal involving instructors at the Air Force basic training center, where four male instructors are accused of sexual contact with female recruits.

Paquette's squadron is one of eight training squadrons at Lackland AFB, where thousands of Air Force recruits are trained for military service every year.

Paquette has not been accused of misconduct or of doing anything illegal, but being relieved of command is the worst thing that can happen to an officer. It's a career killer.  He can forget about ever getting promoted to full Colonel, and high ranking officers who are passed over for promotions usually retire and leave the service.