Judging from the way some of the Southeastern Conference teams are licking their chops at the thought of playing Texas A&M every year, it's possible the Aggies could end up wishing they'd stayed home in the Big 12.

A lot of people in Southeastern Conference country are ready to welcome Texas A&M to the SEC.   Unfortunately, much of that Southern hospitality grows out of the belief that the Aggies will be an easy team to beat.  Many SEC fans say their conference is a lot tougher than the Big 12, and every game will be a real fight for the Aggies.

One fan at Auburn says the Aggies "There's a big gap in the talent level between the SEC and the Big 12.  They're taking a big risk, because they'll be in a fight every week. SEC football is a lifestyle. It's our life."

Some fans are downright dismissive of A&M's chances. An Alabama fan says "I don't see them as much of a threat. They'd be up and down, but most of the time they'd be down."

Syndicated radio sports commentator Paul Finebaum says playing in the SEC "is like dropping somebody in the middle of the Colosseum. It's like being in a knife fight."

We are, after all, talking about the conference where Auburn and Alabama, were the last two BCS champions.  Since the 2000 season, four Heisman Trophy winners came from the SEC.

via A&M can expect warm welcome from SEC fans - Houston Chronicle.

Now we're seeing why the SEC is welcoming A&M with open arms. They think the Aggies will be perennial pushovers.

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