After months of rumors, reports, denials and retractions, it does appear that the Texas A&M Aggies are taking steps to leave the Big 12 and move to the Southeastern Conference.

This news comes one day after The New York Times reported, wrongly, that A&M had sent a formal letter of withdrawal to the Big 12.  A&M says that's not true.

A spokesman at A&M says no such letter has been written.

What HAS happened, he says, is that the Aggies have received a letter from the Big 12 that spells out the legal procedures and hoops A&M has to jump through to leave the conference.

Right now, the only obstacle still in the way of this move is determining how big a fee A&M will have to pay the Big 12 for the right to leave.

When that's settled, the official announcement that they've left the Big 12 to join the SEC could come within the next two weeks.

via Aggies counter report they're leaving Big 12 - Houston Chronicle.

As loved as the Aggies are in Texas, it's been many years since they were considered a "powerhouse" school, on a par with their ancient rival Texas.  Even when they go to a post-season bowl, they often fall short of winning all the marbles.

So, one wonders how the Aggies will do against schools like Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama, which ARE perennial SEC and national powerhouses.

One also wonders what's going to happen to one of the most treasured rivalries of all -- Texas and A&M on Thanksgiving Day.

Whatever  happened to A&M's famous respect and reverence for tradition?