Another week, another gender based controversy at Texas A&M.  It just seems some members of the male population at A&M can't get their minds around the fact that A&M has been a co-educational university for nearly 50 years.

The latest gender flap in Aggieland concerns the Aggie Dance Team, and where the team of female dancers should be allowed to perform.

The Texas Aggie Dance Team has been a support/spirit group since 1995.  They dance and often lead the cheering at A&M men's and women's basketball games. They've also performed in pro sports arenas during Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, and Dallas Desperados games.

On campus, the team dances only at basketball games, but some say it's time to let them dance at football games on the hallowed ground of Kyle Field, the home of the football team, the 12th Man, the Aggie Band and the Yell Leaders, who, by the way, are also all men.  More about them later.

You won't be surprised to know this is generating controversy.  There are two schools of thought on this. Some say why not?  Others say "over our dead bodies," and the school is caught in the middle.

A school spokesman says "Any time we look at an issue of this nature, our response is always going to be, how does it affect the game-day atmosphere at Kyle Field, and would it infringe upon our traditions or our uniqueness ... We take decisions of this nature very seriously and very deliberately."

You can bet the ranch they're taking this decision seriously, and it will not be made quickly.

It's worth mentioning that one of the greatest Aggies of all time likes the idea.  Heisman Trophy winner John David Crow says he's all for bringing the dance team to Kyle Field.

via Texas A&M dancing around dance team issue - Houston Chronicle.

Lady Aggies have another of A&M's all male traditions in their cross-hairs.  The Yell Leaders are elected by the student body, and a lady Aggie is running for one of the slots.  Samantha Ketcham says it's long overdue for the Aggies to have at least one woman leading the yells at sports events, and she wants to be the first.