Someone at the Beaumont Enterprise apparently got so fed up with an irritating and obnoxious cell phone user they put together a photo essay showing 17 irritating things people do with cell phones. Just 17?   This is just the short list.


You'll recognize some of them.  Celebrities, famous politicians and plain old ordinary folk all have something in common.  They forget what the word "courtesy" means when they're on their cellphone.

Perhaps the single most irritating thing about many cell phone users is something they DON'T do.  They don't turn their phone off or set it to vibrate when they're in a movie house, a live theater, a restaurant, a concert hall, a church service, a funeral, a wedding, or countless other places and events where the sound of a cell phone ringing just ruins it for everyone else.

At that point, they make their behavior even more irritating and deplorable by answering their phone and carrying on a conversation, ignoring the angry muttering and stares coming from those unfortunate enough to be sitting nearby.

They seem to think owning a cell phone gives them the right to be annoying and irritating no matter where they are.    Whatever happened to simple courtesy?